The Inbay Podcast: All things MSP – Top 3 priorities for all MSPS in 2021

It is clear that change is coming for MSPs in 2021 and it is more important than ever to have your priorities in place ready for the year ahead.

With this in-mind Inbay has started a new podcast channel to ask some of industries experts to discuss a variety of different topics and their experiences first-hand.

During our first podcast Inbay asked Tim Walker, Managing Director and Steve Stokes, Operations Director from Aura Technology, to share their ‘Top 3 Priorities for MSPs in 2021’ and give their thoughts on what MSPs need to focus on throughout the coming year.

MSPs around the globe, including Aura Technologies have been left to fend for themselves in the wake of the pandemic with no reliable indication of what’s to come in 2021. As we all look to an uncertain future, we must now focus on ways to adapt and discover opportunities. This is why we have asked Tim and Steve to share their wealth of experience and expertise with us.

Tim Walker is an entrepreneur and business leader in the technology sector, with over 20 years of experience in managed services. In late 2017 Tim launched Aura Technology. Aura is a mid-market focused MSP, which has grown in a short space of time organically and through acquisition to an £11m pa MSP, with a strong customer base in the public and private sectors. Steve Stokes Joined Aura in 2018 after having worked for Taylor Made Computer Solutions for 7 years. Steve also has over 10 years of experience in the technology sector.

Aura Technology have been faced with the same challenges as every other MSP across the globe. Listen to Inbay’s first every podcast and discover 3 priorities to focus on in 2021.

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Here are the 3 top priorities for all MSP’s in 2021

Knowing your business and having the right gouvernantes in place

It is so important for businesses to have regular management meetings and board meetings which are both formally documented with actions and points that are happening. Usually you would have an annual business meeting to forecast for the year ahead, but business planning has become very short term so the best thing to do is have meetings every month to ensure you are staying on track.

Securing and engaging with your customers

Engaging with your customers on a regular basis is more important than ever. With most businesses working remotely, it is essential to keep your customers onboard and happy with their communication. Having a series of phone calls, regular service reviews is all part of a good service which you need to provide them with.

Focus on your business and what is important

Focusing on your business and what is important to you is key. You know what your business is good at doing, and delivering the right products and service to your clients. Making sure you are focusing on all of your factors and having a plan in place is how your business is going to thrive and actually win clients.

It is likely your customers have been impacted the last year with the economy during the pandemic so they may be looking to cut costs, which means it is really important for you to show how much value you can give to your customers and ensure you are supporting them, speaking with them regularly and working alongside them when they need you.

For more top tips, take a look at our resources section on our website.

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