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Project Services

As an MSP you know that new or unexpected IT projects can bring a bulk of work all at once, which can have a direct impact on your MSPs internal resources. Many MSPs struggle to maintain the day-to-day IT management of their clients IT infrastructure when their top engineers are re-assigned to client projects.


For MSPs who have an internal project management team who obtain a range of technical skills and expertise, a new project would be welcomed. However, for most MSPs this simply isn’t the case.


Are you faced with the following challenges?

Are your technical support tickets stacking up?

Are you losing deals because you don’t have the technical capabilities in-house?

Are your best engineers too busy with tickets to focus on revenue making projects?

Do you struggle to complete projects on-time and in budget?

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Inbay’s white-labelled Project Services can help you complete more projects with less disruption to you and your clients. Our highly skilled technical engineers can take on the whole project for you – or work alongside your team.



Gain access to our talent pool of highly skilled technical engineers, available 24/7 to help with your client’s IT projects.



Make project backlog a thing of the past and use our resources to ramp up the number of projects you can handle at any one time.



Our excellent project management skills and robust processes ensure that our projects come in on time and on budget.


Our white labelled Service Desk is offered across any time zone, in-hours, out-of-hours or 24/7. Our flexible approach means that you can tailor our offer to match your client’s individual requirements.

Office 365 migration Typically moving Microsoft Exchange on-premises, Google Apps or any other IMAP-based email service to Office 365


Virtualisation projects (Hyper-V, VMware, Citrix) Deployment and server migration: physical to virtual/virtual to virtual/virtual to physical

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File server deployment/migration Both simple file servers and distributed file systems

windows update icon

Windows update services implementation WSUS deployment and configuration


MS Exchange server deployment and migration

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End-user profile migration Windows Desktop

server update

MS Windows server deployment and migration For example, installing/configuring Windows 2012/2016 servers and configuring/migrating Windows roles

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Website migration (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal) Existing websites moved to another site or hosting provider (CMS based sites only)

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Backup software deployment and configuration For any backup software

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Remote desktop services implementation Windows-based RDS systems


Remote desktop services implementation Windows-based RDS systems


Active directory deployment and migration


See how you can expand the services you offer your clients by tapping into our range of specialist skills to plug expertise and resource gaps

Increase the range of projects you offer – without overloading your internal technical resources

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