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The Inbay Story

Inbay founded by Kristian Wright and
Mark Duke

Many companies were grappling with IT support issues: user expectations were growing; networks becoming more complex – more onerous to manage.

The ‘break-fix’ years

IT support was reactive rather than proactive, resource-intensive and often a limiter on company growth.

Outsourcing was the preferred option for many businesses.

Transition to MSP – Part 1

Working in increasingly complex technical environments, a more proactive and consultative service to customers was required.

The transitioning of Inbay clients to retainer contracts began.

How to support the new business model
A mixture of systems was introduced to support network monitoring and help-desk incident management – BUT these were still disparate tools, working in silos.

Transition to MSP – Part 2

By now, all Inbay clients were on monthly retainer contracts and on standardised systems, with the emphasis on ‘prevent’ rather than ‘fix’.

The year Inbay became international

Struggling to scale up operations cost-effectively, without a significant investment in staff, Inbay set up a small offshore operation in Colombo.

The year of automation

The introduction of new, sophisticated automation tools (N-able and Autotask), brought a sea-change in the way Inbay’s services were delivered: all manual procedures became automated processes; all processes were brought in line with ITIL. The result? A huge increase in productivity and reduced cost of delivery.

From MSP to trusted partner of MSPs

Inbay began to focus solely on providing white label NOC and service desk support to the international MSP market.

Key partnerships

Inbay was awarded NOC and Help Desk Services Partner status from N-able.

Moving forward

Inbay maintains full focus on the provision of high-quality white label NOC and technical service desk support to MSPs.

Still a great company to be part of

Inbay’s first employee is still with the company today.

We both had lengthy experience in IT within the design, print and software development industries. We knew how IT support should be delivered. We had worked together; our skillsets complemented each other’s.”

Kristian Wright

Managing Director, Inbay

In the early years, the more that went wrong, the better it was – for us, if not for the businesses we worked with. They were frustrated that the same old problems cropped up again and again, leaving their staff frustrated and with the perception that IT was a hindrance not a help.”

Mark Duke

Technical Director, Inbay

We decided to take a managed approach based on analysing trends and predicting problems, rather than relying on reactive solutions. We adopted the Gartner Maturity Model as a reference and assessment guide for successful IT operations management.”

Kristian Wright

The difficulties we were experiencing at this point included a lack of integration between systems – an inability to take an overall bird’s-eye view.”

Mark Duke

We constantly needed to remind clients that the real value of the services we were providing lay in proactive maintenance. Demonstrating this value was a huge challenge because if we weren’t seen to be fixing problems – it was assumed we weren’t really doing anything!”

Kristian Wright

Our ethos has always been to work as a single team, encompassing London and Colombo; to ensure that the 5500 mile geographical distance between our offices is never a problem.”

Mark Duke

We were sitting in Level 3 of the Gartner Maturity Model, but realised we needed to invest in new tools that would enable us to integrate, automate and align our services with clients’ business needs, before we could move up to the next step. Investing in Autotask and N-able allowed us to move into Level 5.”

Kristian Wright

With our Colombo technical centre long-established, we were well-positioned to deliver high-quality 24/7 service cost-effectively.”

Kristian Wright

Achieving N-able’s NOC and Help Desk Services Partner Status is a great testimony to Inbay’s IT expertise and commitment to partner support and services excellence.”

J.P. Jauvin

General Manager, N-able

We’ve started to see real traction in the MSP white label marketplace for our NOC and service desk offerings; and we will continue to focus all efforts on this moving into 2015 and beyond.”

Kristian Wright

I joined Inbay in 2005, initially on a part-time basis while I was still an IT student. I worked with a great team of people who helped me to develop my skills in a practical context. There is a fantastic work ethic here and the directors are still very ‘hands-on’, always ready with helpful direction and guidance.”

Dilshan Mallikage

Project Manager, Inbay