Webinar: How to protect your clients by becoming an MSSP overnight

Data security breaches are on the rise and are now inevitable. Preparation is the only armour to protect your client’s data and devices from theft or attack from both inside and outside their organisation. ​

Join Inbay Ltd for an informative webinar where we discuss how MSPs can protect their client’s digital assets from cyber-crime,  increase revenue and become an MSSP overnight.


Inbay launch new Security Operations Centre (SOC) services

Inbay is delighted to announce the launch of their new white label Security Operations Center (SOC) service, provided to empower partners to become Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs).

Inbay has been providing white label services to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) for more than a decade and it has been the backbone for many of the major MSP’s in the market. Following an increase in partner demand, Inbay has expanded their managed services by including a white label 24/7 fully managed SOC to help their partners increase their product offering, improve revenue and ensure their client’s IT remains secure.


Webinar: What’s next for MSP’s? Discover how to drive business during and after COVID-19

MSP’s were hit hard when the COVID-19 pandemic forced hundreds and thousands of businesses to implement remote working conditions. It is clear that many MSP’s have focused most of their attention on adapting operations and preserving revenue, while sales and marketing have taken a back seat. Take a look at our latest webinar where we discuss the best ways to adapt and position your business for the future and the importance of pivoting your sales and marketing efforts during COVID-19.


Darren Strong – Concise Technologies

Chris Ward – Vermont Systems