Pros and cons of internal and external Security Operations Centre (SOC)

If you are reading this blog, you are not just seeking solace, but have realised that it is time to make a decision as to whether you should invest in an internal or external Security Operations Centre (SOC).

Breaches only happen to other people and other larger organisations! Right? No! Cyber attacks do not concern themselves with the size, scale, type, location or vulnerability of the host they seek to penetrate, they just seek a host and once exploited, wreak the damage they have evolved or been designed to cause.

Webinar: How to protect your clients by becoming an MSSP overnight

Data security breaches are on the rise and are now inevitable. Preparation is the only armour to protect your client’s data and devices from theft or attack from both inside and outside their organisation. ​

Join Inbay Ltd for an informative webinar where we discuss how MSPs can protect their client’s digital assets from cyber-crime,  increase revenue and become an MSSP overnight.


Inbay launch new Security Operations Centre (SOC) services

Inbay is delighted to announce the launch of their new white label Security Operations Center (SOC) service, provided to empower partners to become Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs).

Inbay has been providing white label services to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) for more than a decade and it has been the backbone for many of the major MSP’s in the market. Following an increase in partner demand, Inbay has expanded their managed services by including a white label 24/7 fully managed SOC to help their partners increase their product offering, improve revenue and ensure their client’s IT remains secure.


Inbay’s customer Fifosys named among the top 10 in the world for 2020 MSP 501 

We are incredibly proud that Fifosys has made it into the top 10 of the 2020 MSP 501 Channel Futures list which puts them in the top rankings of MSPs in the world!


Seven reasons why it makes sense to use Inbay for your projects

IT projects are complex and time-sensitive, often involving significant cost. It is vital that your MSP business has the right team in place to ensure your client’s projects are completed successfully and on-time.

Due to increased customer demand Inbay Ltd partner with Live Virtual Help Desk

We are pleased to announce our latest partnership with Live Virtual Help Desk (LVHD).

LVHD works as an extension of Inbay, offering integrated Service Desk Support globally from their offices in North America. Our two companies share a passion for providing Inbay’s clients with around the clock service desk support for a fixed monthly cost.

Inbay has chosen to support Samuel’s charity

Inbay has chosen Samuel’s Charity as its dedicated charity of the year and will spend the next 6 months fundraising for it.

Among the activities, staff have in store are dress down days, long-distance cycling rides and quiz nights – just to name a few.


Does your MSP business have the right staff to manage your client’s IT demands?

If you have managed to secure the right talent for your client’s IT needs then we would like to know your secret. CompTIA’s IT Industry Outlook 2020 states that MSPs are struggling to hire candidates with deeper expertise.


Webinar: How to diversify your business to create new revenue streams

MSP’s have been hit hard since the COVID-19 pandemic forced hundreds and thousands of businesses to be put on hold. It is clear that many MSP’s have focused most of their attention on adapting operations and preserving revenue, while sales have taken a back seat.



How to personalise your marketing content to increase revenue?

Personalising your marketing efforts to your target customer persona reduces your acquisition costs by as much as 50% and lift revenues by 5% to 15%. (Smart Insights Ltd)

At the most basic level, businesses use ‘Firstname’ and variable subject lines to personalise emails. However, why stop there? More advanced businesses use personal information that includes; full name, industry sector and past purchases to create personalised customer experiences. “62.27% of customers feel happy and excited to respond to a specially tailored message from the seller”. (Smart Insights Ltd)