Report: Finding, winning and retaining customers

Today, MSPs have had to adapt to a new normal without the ability to meet people face-to-face or attend networking events. This begs the question “have the fundamentals of selling changed? If so, how?”

In this report, we asked 5 CEOs from leading MSP businesses to tell us how they are finding, winning, and retaining customers in 2021.

5 key reasons why MSP’s decide to outsource RMM management

We understand that the Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) tool for Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) plays an important role in operations and service desk management. It connects to customer infrastructure and helps manage the customers IT estate, so why outsource such a critical tool?

10 Considerations before buying an Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) security solution

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions detect and remove malware on endpoints of your network. They can detect malicious activity and isolate threats before they spread. Endpoints broadly refer to devices connected to a local or wide area network such as modems, switches, laptops, routers, or printers.

Inbay appoints new Marketing Director, Frances Moore

Inbay Ltd appoints new Marketing Director, Frances Moore commencing June 2020. Moore joins from UK based MSP, Taylor Made Computer Solutions and Peach Technologies where she was Group Marketing Manager.


The challenges of implementing an RMM and how to address them

Remote monitoring and management is great. It allows MSP’s and IT teams to shift from being reactive to proactive, monitor issues and take brisk action before errors develop. However, implementing an RMM isn’t without its challenges. Below we share 6 of the key challenges, have you faced any of these? (more…)

Expansion marks a transformational step in the evolution of Inbay

(Photo Above: John Prenn, Inbay Chairman opening the new office in Sri Lanka.)

Inbay, one of the most established and respected technology providers, announce their brand new building for 2020 in Sri Lanka. The office space is more than double the floor space of their previous office.

The expansion marks a transformational step in the evolution of Inbay to fulfil their aspiration of becoming one of the leading international technology companies for MSP’s and IT service providers.

After Matt Takhar joined the company as CEO in August 2019 Inbay quickly identified a massive opportunity generated by expanding their office space in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Five ways to achieve top MSP performance in 2020

Don’t forget to add any thoughts or points you find in this article to your 2020 todo list!

1. Mature Cyber Security Solution

An obvious point and one that many MSPs already have solutions in place for, but how mature is that solution? We believe a mature Cyber Security solution should include:


5 aspects of managed services that would benefit from a ‘business detox’ in Q1

New Year is traditionally the time for making resolutions; declaring intentions to do all manner of things better in the year ahead. For many people January means a detox – often to compensate for all that over-indulgence over the holiday period.

But a ‘detox’ can be good for your MSP business too. And what better time to address ‘unhealthy’ business practices than at the beginning of a new sales year. (more…)

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